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The Yuja Enterprise Video Platform is the video content management system used by the Vermont State Colleges System. This video repository solution allows members of the faculty to create, store, and share content, such as classroom lectures, meetings, presentations, and screen capture recordings, with their students and peers.

Faculty members are able to access YuJa directly, via the associated tile in the VSC Portal, or within the Canvas LMS.

In addition to the guidance provided in YuJa’s self-help articles, members of the faculty can direct specific questions or concerns to the institution’s Instructional Support Team.

Share Zoom Recordings

Zoom recordings are automatically migrated to YuJa for long-term storage, which can then be shared out via links to students or other interested parties. Once migrated, the original recordings can also be edited prior to being shared.

Flip the Classroom

A flipped classroom incorporates active learning by providing content before class, freeing up time in class for discussions and other activities. YuJa can be useful in this scenario as the platform allows faculty members to record, edit, and distribute short lectures to students prior to class so they are prepared for associated activities when they arrive.

Learn more about how YuJa facilitates creating a flipped classroom.

Add YuJa Content to Canvas Modules

As the Canvas LMS is used across all modalities at VTSU, students check it frequently for assignment information, classroom announcements, and grades. Inserting video platform content within Canvas modules allows faculty members to share clips related to research, assignment requirements, upcoming lectures, and more. Incorporating multimedia can be beneficial to learners while also improving classroom management.

Embed Quiz Questions

YuJa’s video editor capabilities allow faculty members to add quiz questions at various points during their recorded videos. This practice can enhance student learning and provides an incentive for them to review the content multiple times. In addition, instructors have the option to extend quiz functionality by integrating them into a Canvas course.

Increase Accessibility

YuJa’s video platform includes a caption request utility that provides faculty members with assurances that uploaded or edited content will be closed captioning enabled. When used, it is an important feature that enhances the learning of any student experiencing auditory issues.