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Thank an Educator Program

A banner image with a simple botanical wreath in the background and text that says "Thank an Educator at VTSU!" across a solid teal rectangle that overlays the wreath.

Has a VTSU educator had an exceptionally positive influence on your educational experience? For instance, is there a professor, tutor, TA, or staff member who has been instrumental in helping you succeed? Is there a professor whose course has shaped your choice of major, career goals, or worldview? Is there someone you always turn to when you need support and assistance? The VTSU Thank an Educator program, which is sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation, provides a way for undergraduate and graduate students as well as alums to send a note of thanks to educators—which could mean professors, advisors, teaching assistants, or staff—who have had a profound impact on them.

Below are a few excerpts from prior submissions that highlight the ways that excellent teaching, compassionate mentoring, nonjudgmental staff, and professional competence make a difference in our students’ lives.

If you would like to thank an educator, please complete the form linked below on this page. When writing your brief message of thanks to the educator, try to be as specific as you feel comfortable, as the most meaningful feedback contains stories and details. Your message will be sent to the educator you write about, and you can choose whether that message is sent anonymously or with your name attached. Thank you messages related to the current semester won’t be shared until after final grades are submitted. Anonymized selected messages will be published on the Thank an Educator website and shared with the VTSU community.

To access the thank you form, you will need to log into the VTSU system; if you are not already logged in, you will be asked to provide your Vermont State Colleges email (type, and then to log in with your VTSU username and password. If you have questions or need help with the Thank an Educator program, please email us at