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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
DEI General Education Committee Presentations
An Introduction to Inclusive Excellence: Universal Design for Equity in General Education

This session provides an overview of the principles of inclusive excellence, with a focus on how these principles can be applied in general education courses. Attendees will leave the session with a basic knowledge of the principles of Universal Design for Learning and an understanding of how these principles can support faculty who are looking forward to teaching diversity-focused content in their general education courses.

Direct Link: An Introduction to Inclusive Excellence

Slide Deck: An Introduction to Inclusive Excellence

10 Easy Things: Making Your General Education Classrooms More Inclusive

If you’re interested in creating a more inclusive classroom environment, but are unsure where to start, this session is for you! Attendees will learn simple strategies for creating classrooms that are more welcoming to all students. The session focuses on general education courses, but the strategies we discuss will be applicable to courses at all levels.

Direct Link: 10 Easy Things: Making Your General Education Classrooms More Inclusive

Slide Deck: 10 Easy Things: Making Your General Education Classrooms More Inclusive

Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Post-2020 General Education Classroom

In recent years, classroom discussions have been challenged by an increasingly contentious political atmosphere. This session will provide participants with the tools to recognize when classroom conversations might be heading “off the rails,” and strategies for managing the classroom environment when things do get heated. Our work will focuses on topics that might arise in the general education curriculum, but the strategies we discuss are applicable to courses at all levels.

Direct Link: Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Post-2020 General Education Classroom

Slide Deck: Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Post-2020 General Education Classroom

DEI Outcomes in STEM Classrooms

This session focuses specifically on the DEI-related essential learning outcomes in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Participants receive an overview of the rationale behind the language of the outcomes and hear from faculty members who are currently exploring how to address those outcomes in their classes.

Direct Link: DEI Outcomes in STEM Classrooms

Slide Deck: DEI Outcomes in STEM Classrooms

Accessible Communication and Resources – March 8, 2024

This information session was presented by Disability Services and focused on the learning tools and skills involved in communicating accessibly by email and Canvas as well as how to ensure documents that are distributed to students and/or colleagues are accessible.

Direct Link: Accessible Communication and Resources

Presentation Slides: Accessible Communication and Resources

Introduction to the VTSU Canvas Course Template – October 24, 2023

Studies and survey data indicate that students prefer a consistent experience using a learning management system, such as Canvas. How can this be accomplished while also preserving the academic freedom valued by members of the faculty? This workshop is an introduction to an optional, but recommended, Canvas template that was developed by VTSU with student satisfaction, ease of implementation, and instructor flexibility in mind. Viewing this recording, provides an opportunity to explore the impacts of inconsistent course structures, become familiar with the Canvas template and how it can be integrated into your courses, and consider the pedagogical advantages of implementing the VTSU Canvas template.

Direct Link: Introduction to the VTSU Canvas Course Template

Presentation Slides: Introduction to the VTSU Canvas Course Template

Metacognitive Strategies for the College Classroom – October 10, 2023

Investing a little class time in incorporating metacognitive activities can lead to stronger outcomes for students. Empowering students to take control of their learning, become better problem-solvers, and better assess their strengths and gaps can lead to greater success at the course level and persistence through college. By viewing this recording, you will be able to identify particular aspects of metacognition most useful for students in your class(es) to adopt, consider various metacognitive strategies and activities, aligned with the metacognition cycle, to enhance learning in your class(es), and begin planning a metacognitive activity to facilitate in an upcoming class with your students.

Direct Link: Metacognitive Strategies for the College Classroom

Presentation Slides: Metacognitive Strategies

Disability Services and the Faculty Role in the Interactive Process – September 22, 2023

Enhance your expertise in supporting students with disabilities and implementing their classroom accommodations by viewing this workshop with VTSU’s disability services staff. Faculty play a pivotal role in the collaborative process for providing accommodations, and this workshop explains the process in depth, and places a spotlight on the dynamic “interactive process”. You’ll gain a better understanding for how students qualify for disability services, how “flexibility” accommodations may or may not work with your course, and how faculty involvement in this process can improve accessibility and inclusivity for students with disabilities and all students. 

Direct Link: What Faculty Need to Know about Disability Services and Their Role in the Interactive Process Demo – September 19, 2023

The first 35 minutes of this session was a demonstration of’s 24/7 online tutoring and drop-off review services, which are available to all VTSU students. Tawana Collins, of, shared insights into how online tutoring can improve student success, along with tips for building awareness about this resource. The final 15 minutes of the session provided an overview of VTSU’s Academic Support services and a Q&A with Jen Jones, VTSU’s AVP for Academic Support & Educational Opportunities Programs.

The Demonstration

Direct Link: Demo

Post-Demonstration Discussion
Facilitating Engaging Class Discussions – September 5, 2023

If dialogue is essential to a participatory democracy, then college classes play an important role in teaching and practicing respectful and productive discussion. In this workshop, we considered the purposes of discussion before moving to the more practical: strategies for engaging students in dialogue with each other. We identified types of effective discussion questions and a variety of facilitation techniques for involving students in conversation. During the session, participants were given time to plan for an upcoming class discussion, using the approaches shared in the workshop. This workshop was appropriate for teaching in any modality.

Direct Link: Facilitating Engaging Class Discussions

New Faculty Mini-Orientation – August 15th, 2023

Below is a recording of the Fall 2023 New Faculty Mini-Orientation, which was presented by Vermont State University’s Center for Teaching & Learning Innovation. The primary speaker was CTLI Director, Jen Garrett-Ostermiller, who welcomed new faculty to the university and discussed several teaching strategies and resources that can be particularly helpful during the early stages of the semester. Then, the second half of the meeting was facilitated by Director of Disability Services, Gerry Volpe, who discussed available disability services resources in general and the student accommodation process specifically.

Direct Link: New Faculty Mini-Orientation

Face-to-Face Plus (F2F+) Kick-Off Retreat – May 24, 2023
Launch and Welcome
Faculty Wisdom Panel – Lessons in F2F+ Successes and Challenges
Integrated Design for Equity in F2F+ Classes
Building Zoom Competence in the Classroom
Engaging Remote Students
Summer Course & Teaching Guide Introduction
Program Assessment

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