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White teachers, even those with experience and compassion, can unconsciously cause pain to students of color in their classrooms. We believe that through consistent study and reflection, we can slowly address our own unconscious biases and make changes so we can better support the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students of color.

We want YOU to be part of a decentralized inquiry series to support teachers to better explore their own biases and improve their own teaching practices.

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How do I sign-up?

To receive a calendar invitation, Zoom link, and access to the BARWE Canvas space, please fill out the Vermont State Colleges BARWE Sign-Up Form. Note – you only need to complete the form once for the year!

How do I attend?

Simply click on the Zoom link sent to your calendar, after signing up. Each month, you can expect to do some reading or watching in advance of the meeting, which usually takes about 15-30 minutes. Otherwise, come with an open heart and mind and willing to share your ideas, experiences, and insights.

When are the meetings?

The meetings for 2024-25 are as follows:

  • TBD
What are the norms of this community?
  • Please approach this inquiry series as a learner.
  • We encourage folks to offer each other support, feedback, and corrections. We invite you to meet potential discomfort with curiosity and openness rather than defensiveness.
  • This inquiry series is designed to encourage the ongoing reflection on race in our teaching and in our schools.
  • As white people engaged in this work, it is important to maintain humility around the topic of race when in dialogue with our colleagues of color. We want to learn how to be productive coconspirators in the work towards racial justice in education and society.
  • Keep the focus on RACISM
  • Please expect and accept non-closure. It is OK to “hang in uncertainty” and not rush to quick solutions.