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Level 1: Institutional & Administrative Resources

A new faculty member, as is the case for all new employees, will need access to several administrative resources. Below are examples of the resources that are necessary for getting off to a good start:

Install Duo

Duo is an app used by Vermont State to add an additional security layer when accessing university resources, such as email, Canvas, and the employee portal. The app is installed on your phone and information pertaining to its use is available on the Vermont State Colleges System’s support site. This page also includes a list of frequently asked questions as well as the ability to submit a service desk ticket if you have questions regarding the installation process.

Access to the Vermont State University Portal

The VTSU portal is the access point for a large amount of administrative and human resource related information. If you encounter problems authenticating, there are four options available for rectifying the issue.

  1. There is a link on the portal’s login screen for new users to activate their accounts. If you’ve never logged into the system before, activate your account.
  2. If you’ve already accessed the system and have forgotten your password, a ‘forgot my password‘ link can be used to retrieve it with the caveat that you must know your college id to initiate the request.
  3. Similarly, there is a ‘forgot my username‘ link available if you are unsure of your username. As with the password retrieval mechanism, entering your college id is necessary.
  4. For other issues, a support ticket can be submitted through the university’s service desk. If you are unable to login on the service desk’s page, phone numbers to your home campus are available.
Institutional Information and Benefits

Once you are able to access the portal, there are two ways to view benefits, forms, and other human resources related information. Either select the ‘Quick Links’ tile in the portal’s navigation screen and choose ‘UKG (UltiPro)’ or use the direct link.

All faculty are represented by a union and you are encouraged to review the relevant agreement posted online by the Vermont State Colleges System.

Faculty ID and Parking Pass

Two essential resources to acquire are your faculty ID card and campus parking pass. Requests for an ID card and parking pass can both be made online and you are encouraged to contact the Public Safety office on your home campus if you have questions about the process.

Questions for Your Hiring Manager

Examples of questions new faculty members should consider asking their hiring manager include:

  • Will I have an office? If so, where is it located and how do I get keys?
  • Does VTSU provide new faculty with a computer?
  • How do I find out about union eligibility?