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Upcoming Event – VTSU Disability Services 101

In today’s diverse educational landscape, understanding and effectively addressing the needs of students with disabilities is critically important. Join VTSU’s disability services staff to: learn about the new staff at each location, learn the new system-wide policies, identify the fundamentals of the accommodations process, understand the difference between an accommodation vs. a recommendation and access vs. success, and understand the importance of a disability statement on your syllabus. By attending this workshop, you will understand changes that have been instituted in the disability process and your role in helping every student thrive.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand Disability Statements and their importance on your syllabus
  • Understand how Disability Services interprets “access” vs. “success”
  • Understand the VTSU Accommodation process
  • Explore changes among the campuses that impact faculty
  • View the new VTSU Accommodation Memos
  • Meet the new Disability Team and their roles

Spaces is limited, so please use the following link to register: